Dec 17

Bankruptcy Filing In Utah

So, what had happened is I lost my job a little more than a year and a half ago and I found our lives upside down. What we had to do was use credit cards and stuff like that so now the ends are not making the means. We’re about forty thousand dollars in debt and that is all credit cards. Fortunately, we do not have any bills on either one of our cars. Our house payment is about twenty two hundred dollars a month.

As far as I know we have not defaulted on any of our credit card bills. It’s just our credit cards and our mortgage. On out first mortgage we owe approximately about $220,000. They say the house is worth about $340,000 now. Just because someone can’t pay their bill does not mean that there are a dead beat.

In this brief article, we are going to discuss what Chapter 7 bankruptcy really is and how you can use it to your personal advantage. You will also be learning how to utilize it to obtain a fresh start in your financial future.

Whatever your reason may be, Ryan Simpson who is a Utah bankruptcy attorney can help you restore your financial freedom. Bankruptcy may be the tool you need to restore your financial health. In this special report, I will share with you several crucial things you need to avoid when filing for bankruptcy. You can get your life on track with debt relief and consolidation. Start fresh in your life and give yourself a chance.

Its ok, you won’t be the first millionaire to have declared bankruptcy. Stick it out. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t make it any better. Remember that even with all of the current bad there is always something good you can focus on. I know you already know this.

Knowledge is worthless unless you use it.

Start moving motion creates emotion.

Reframe it. Ask yourself what you can do to make it better.

Once you get positive about where you are, build drive, build motive, get a clear perspective and move on. Drop me a message if you want to chat, I have been there, and I am slowly climbing back out of it. I might have some ways to help you scale back up a little faster. You have to be committed to getting out of it yourself. Its not going to be easy, but getting out of it will create the highest level of success you have ever had. Trust me. In a sense it causes you to produce greater results.

I know that it’s hard for you to see the way right now. I’ve been there. You just want to sit and sulk, and disappear from the world. But… you’re living in New York City. This is the center of the financial world. There are billions of dollars here, floating around… you just have to know how to grab a good solid handful. Get off your ass, start jumping, and grab some of that money!

IF the money is procured by minimal effort, or with something you enjoy doing
it can be amazing, and make your life easier with Ryan.

Oct 02

The Demise of Being A Man


I stopped watching tv back in the early 80s and didn’t return to it until around 2006 or 2007 when Netflix ran out of movies for me to watch and a friend suggested I try The Sopranos. While programs from the 50s and 60s were often bad, they were nothing like the 80s and 90s to turn men off television, as Bill Mahr touched upon in his video above.

We have now come full circle and returned to televisiion programing with strong positive male characters. Consider Ray Donovan, Cullen Bohannon, Ric Grimes, Walt Longmire, and Don Draper. Hell, you could throw Tony Soprano and Walter White on the list too as examples of the different strategies men adopt to survive in this hostile world. (There must be more but I my television viewing is still limited.)

Suddenly, it’s okay again to be a man and not a feminized guilt-ridden pussywillow. Link:

The tragedy is that if you are a millennial, it’s all you have ever known. You lack sufficient data points to have a credible opinion on this issue. You entered school after The Great Girl Experiment began in which female teachers put extra effort into advancing girls at the cost of boys. (Men basically disappeared from teaching K1 to 8 after the 60s, so guys had few positive role models.)

Moreover, the constant feminist undercurrent to everything you were taught had an insidious effect on you. You grew up brainwashed to feel guilty about being male. (You may not even be conscious of this guilt.)

I think Robert Glover is really shrill and cynical. No More Mr. Nice Guy is an extremely paranoid and negative book that only fuels this whole manosphere thinking. There’s much better books on masculinity. Like The Way of the Superior Man, and Models which is basically a milder version of No More Mr Nice Guy. The point is men who are standing up against feminists put themselves exactly in the position feminists want them to be.

It’s actually extremely weak and petty to be picking a fight about how you’re being treated. I mean, what does that remind you of?. The real masculine man ascends this bickering. A real masculine man sees a feminazi as just another flawed human being with an agenda. A being that needs as much care and stability as anyone else, probably even more so.

Stop playing the feminist game. It’s a mud-slinging contest and let me be chauvinistic and say that I rather see the mud-wrestling left to women. If dudes join the fray then that’s just a big turn-off.

Women will always push men down – not to see you going down but to see if you are strong enough to keep your frame as a man intact. Why would she wants to be with someone who can’t even resist her slightest challenge? Here is a paradox: A woman will try to make a man to submit, but if you go along with her desire, she will hate you for it. Keep in mind there is a difference in today’s chivalry (because being nice to women is what mom always told me to do to get women to like me) and the chivalry of the past (you’re leading and being dominant). You open the door and she walks in, you’re leading, you’re telling her to go inside. You pull out her chair, you’re choosing where she sits and when she sits. Very different frames and yet today we as men are taught to do things not because we’re in control or dominant, but because it’s nice.

Jul 03

Ionized Water and Dieting

It really makes me sad. But they had a naturally, uh, bicarbonate water, uh, 9.5, uh, water that was electron rich, that we could have access to. But, uh, they’re not currently there. Uh, the best way, uh, to get this water is through a-, an ionization process. Which not only filters the water, but also’s, separates the water i– , into, uh, to a, uh, acid water and an alkaline water when used with a good breast enhancement cream.

And you can, you can get, uh, ionized water machines. Uh, we have them, uh, that we make available on our website. Uh, at, uh, PH miracle living dot com. Uh, we have several different offerings there of ionization, to be able to drink this, this wetter, uh, uh, structured, ionized water that when you drink it, you feel it, you feel it permeating the tissues. Because it’s not clustered up like most, uh, waters that, uh, are anywhere from 10 to 20, uh, water clusters. It’s down into, to the 3 to 5 water clusters, which makes it wetter. More permeal [SIC] to the tissue. At the same time, it’s electron ri–, rich.

Anywhere from negative 250 millivolts up to 450 millivolts. Cuz we measure electron concentration by its energy. And we use a voltage meter to do that. So you get a nice, uh, what is called an orp. Oxidated reduction potential.

Which raises, uh, which raises your own energy. Because our bodies run on these electrons. And so you’re bathing yourself in electricity. Or these, these electrons, which the body needs. And then the PH, you know, you can adjust anywhere from 7 clear up to, to about 10 and a half, 11, which is also another way. The other way is with PH drops used to produce herpes cream.

You can actually use, uh, uh, potassium hydroxide or sodium chloride. Uh, uh, you can use compounds, very inexpensive one would be sodium bicarbonate, which raises the electron activity as well as the, uh, as well as the PH up to an 8. 5 to 9. 5. In fact, what we did was we actually created a product. It’s called four salts. The reason I created this is because I realized how important these salts are to alkalizing the body. They are sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. But they’re in the carbonate form, so it’s sodium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium bicarbonate.

And four salts, it’s a very unique product. Uh, there’s only one place in the world that you could actually get something like this, and that’s, uh, through our website, uh, at PH miracle living dot com. But that particular product, when you put that in water, you drink it, will shift the PH immediately. I mean your, your PH goes up, and the next time you urinate, you test, uh, test your PH using PH hydram paper.

Which al–, by the way, is also available at health stores or, uh, uh, through your doctor or through your naturopath, or, uh, you can also get it through, through our website. When you start testing it, and that’s probably the most important test you can do by the way. Is to test your urine PH. And test it every time you urinate.

And monitor that PH and make sure it’s above 7. 2 or better. If you’ll do that, you’ll never get sick.

Okay. I mean, talk about prevention. And that’s what we need to talk about in this country. We don’t need, need a health plan. We need to educate and empower people how to prevent disease and disease. You see, and, and we have the information to do it.

Oct 26

The Info Speak has begun

From the depths of the internet comes InfoSpeak. Refreshingly new and innovative, Infospeak connects users with the issues and a power to make a difference in society. Whether it’s vigrx plus or a brand new penis extender, Infospeak provides the right knowledge at the right time.

InfoSpeak is a podcast audio serial program conceived by MLIS student Michael Wood in 2005, produced in close collaboration with graduate student colleagues at the University of Washington. InfoSpeak highlights the voices of leaders in the information field, sharing their unique visions and perspectives on emerging issues in information access. Subscribe from iTunes, or download content from this site.

While infospeak may no longer be active, there are aspects of this site that will maintain the legacy of the original website. For example, leaders in American Society frequently visit this site looking for our piece regarding the e-cigarette review at . In the words of Kevin Packer, “now they know, nowww theyyy knowww.”

Infospeak hopes you will still take the time out of your day to play a role in the most salient communications of our times. Moreover because internet access is more ubiquitous than ever, it has never been easier to be part of the discussion. Whether you are in a bathtub, on the golf course, playing gladiator wars in abandoned buildings, or puffing on a green smoke, please take a moment to visit this memorial site. Now onto the speak . . .

Sarah Houghton-Jan wears black, but her vision of the future is bright with the promise of the power of social networking software. She may be far from the traditional prototype of a librarian, yet her motivation of serving the patrons of our public libraries is wonderfully traditional. The model she advocates for this service however is not…

Perhaps it would be best if we acknowledged Ms. Houghton-Jan’s electronic cigarette review, and commitment to helping people quit smoking. For no better advocate could be used to help people read more AND improve their health. That is all.

Info Speak will be undergoing several changes over the next couple of months. Stay Tuned!

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